PPE Lab Job Submission

All work to be carried out by the PPE technical staff should be submitted to the lab on the new job submission sheet, found below.

At the start of the job the work must be discussed by the requester, the technician(s) to perform the job, and with Richard Bates. The form includes a page for detailed instructions and expectations that all parties will sign up to at this initial meeting. At this point the context of the work should be explained as well as the technical aspects and date for completion. An agreement on the number of hours(days) required for the work must be obtained between all parties. This is the chance for the technical staff to feed back comments in a formal manner before embarking on the work.

There is a place on the form for a review of the job, which is expected to be used for jobs of duration greater than 2 weeks. At this point the stake holders meet and discuss the work. The quality can be assesses and timeliness discussed. This gives an opportunity for the technician to feed back problems with the work, in what ever shape they may be, in a formal setting with Richard Bates present. Of course, out with this review, the technician will discuss problems with the job as they arise with the requester, and the requester will discuss, in a less formal manner, the progress of the job as required.

Finally there is an end of job section where the hand over of the completed project takes place.

For projects that are longer than one month the job is to be divided up into smaller work packages so that there is more than one job submission. For projects of a duration of more than one month which consist of the same duty repeated many times then the review should take place each month so that the work can be tracked. For example the production of the HPDs in the lab will require Paul, Fred, Lina and Richard to sit together each month for a formal update on progress. It is assumed that a progress meeting is held for such work anyhow and therefore this should not be a increase in workload.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.