Kenneth G. Wraight

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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
U. K.

About Me

I completed my PhD studies in 2011 within the Experimental Particle Physics group at the University of Glasgow.

Part of my studies involved work on di-top events, developing stratgies to measure the fully leptonic(e/mu) cross-section with the Atlas detector at the LHC at Cern. I also worked on characterising minimum bias events. Here, my research focussed on the use of an unfashionable observable, the forward-backward multiplicity correlation, to interpret low transverse-momentum collisions. A phenomenological study was published: phenomenology. These pages show the main results: b-correlation plots and event shape plots. This was followed by a measurement of the correlation with the Atlas detector: measurement.

After completing my thesis my work focussed on applications of novel HEP detector technology such as active edge and CdTe based devices, see here for some results.

I now work on the developing pixel technology for the planned Atlas Phase-II upgrade. link to ITk pages


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